Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Been Awhile

It's been forever since I've posted, but it's been busy. This past spring, it was nice to have wrapped up school, but unfortunately I haven't slowed down since.

While I have not been posting here, I definitely have been shooting a lot lately and living. Check out the latest below, and feel free to let me know what you think.

Started up a blog for the Boy Scout Troop.
---> Click Here <---

Shooting with Instagram

and starting a Tumblr to document more of my work...

Looking to revamp my website with new work in near future and hopefully get my tumblr blog linked to there, to showcase new projects.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Freedom Tour

The freedom tour in Vandalia did not start off well for me this year, just as we started to embark on our ride I discovered I'd left my cycling shoes back home. After picking them up I was off to a late start and had some time to make up on the road.

Heading out it was full bore from the get go, passing people who definitely thought this nut is going to crack in about 5 miles... Well about 7 miles into the ride, heading up a hill near Englewood, I flatted. Just about everyone I'd passed since the start came parading by as I hurriedly changed it, and just about everyone asked if I was ok, if I had everything, or if I needed help. What a friendly bunch!

Getting back on the saddle it was go time, if I ever wanted to catch the guys I'd originally intended to ride with. Grabbed a quick snack at the first stop, wasting little time. The second stop on Forest Hill, I decided wasn't worth the time. Cruising along the roads I spent alot of time down my areo bars. Within 8 miles of the halfway point (31 miles) there was a group of cyclist on these insanely low recumbent bikes that were making great time. I'd passed them earlier at a stop, so as I saw them barrelling down the road my goal was to stay ahead of them. On the flats while headed into the wind they had a great advantage. I kept them at bay for 5 miles, but then they must have hit another gear. Heading into the wind I was doing 26mph when they passed me... I kept up with their 28mph pace for the next couple miles to the Covered Bridge, the halfway stop.
Here I met back up with the guys. Eric, Bill, Billy, Mike, Nate, Luke, and his friend Mike. It was a fun ride out from the covered bridge to the Casstown Fire Department. Not that long of a section, but was a good place to top off the bottles. From this point is where the route is great fun. Riding to Charleston Falls is always a blast. It was fun to ride with the group although we had one guy we passed try and make a paceline out of our crew and ended up dropping his wife..it was quite humorous, bet he didn't hear the end of that one when he got home. After a few miles of cruising it was time to kick it up a notch for the rest of the ride.

Later that night we watched the fireworks on the levee and had root beer floats at the Twiss's
Waiting on the fireworks to start

Shot a few and got some ok results, not quite was I was going for, lots of washed out colors...still exciting.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Road Trip

Dan and I took a pretty spur of the moment trip over his summer shutdown. We had about a week to throw some plans together and head south.
The adventure started out Monday night, ended up making it to the Smoky Mountains. The next morning we hike Laurel Falls, Cliff Tops, and Clingman's dome.
as we took off hiking there was a warning sign of bear activity
Laurel Falls
Bear we spotted on the trail
Taking a break
View from Cliff Tops
Section of downclimbing leading to the traverse to the other open area

The view from Clingman's Dome on a clear day
found this cool area under the clingmans dome lookout
walking on the path
never know what you'll find around the bend "SUPRISE"

After the day of hiking we drove over to Ashville, NC. Found a great dinner spot with amazing gyros. Then took a drive down the Blueridge Parkway exploring the great wide open... Made it to near the base of Mt. Mitchell and set up camp.

the Blueridge Parkway in the middle of the night
late night campsite
Hiking Mt. Mitchell
Made it to the top...6,684 feet the highest point east of the Mississippi River

That night drove down into town and had the best pizza dinner ever. Our waiter was awesome. He really hooked us up with free access to the salad bar, free drinks, and lots of free cheesy bread pizza, so much of the free stuff we couldn't even finish one large pizza. Early the next morning it was off to .....the BILTMORE

the gardens at this place are amazing

caught messing around
growing in the birdbath
welcome to my crib
wine cellars
Appalachian State
Checked out the new Insight
then tweeted about it and wore funny hats....

Actually we went to Boone and Blowing Rock after the Biltmore..Must have been the day for "B" things considering we ate dinner at Bistro Roca. Michele suggested the place, which was awesome. After dinner we hit the road and made it partially way back before returning home on Friday.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Broke the 200 lbs mark today. It's been 3 years, but I'm back below it. 20 lighter than the start of the year. With that being said. It feels alot better on the bike... i'm sure climbing with less will be a bit easier

just watched this insane climbing video that really makes me want to do some climbing maybe head over to Springfield in the near future

Underground Paradise from Rouzeau Michaƫl on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This past weekend was the West Milton Triathlon. Originally I was entered in the Parent/ Child category with my dad, but a couple weeks before his achilles tendon was bothering him so he dropped as not to injure it training too hard. Amy Beane stepped in, in his place.
Overall it was a decent race; it started off with a 4 mile canoe, then 5 mile run, followed by a 17 mile bike. In the canoe our time of 38:52 was fast enough to grab us first place out of the 8 teams we knew.
My run time was horrid, but I felt good, never walked, got tight... I didn’t wear a watch and just lollygagged along I thought I’d done about 8:45 ish because I knew I was taking it easy, but turns out more like 10:01 minutes a mile for an total run time of 50:04.
I wasted a little time in the transition fumbling around with my helmet, dropping a gel, while trying to stuff it in a pocket. With a time of 1:01 I got 8th overall of everyone in the race, something I thought maybe I had the potential to win, even with changing shoes.
Finally I got to my semi strong point of the race… the bike. Started out taking it easy on the first climb out of the park, and also on the climb up 571, hopefully this bought me some energy. In the first couple miles I kept looking down, and remembering to push a little harder. Seemed like the first 5 or so miles was littered with idiots riding all over the road. It was a pain in the butt trying to weave through them as they drifted aimlessly across the road. Starting up Monroe-Concord, it was a slight incline that just kills it. Once it leveled out the rubber started melting, kept it above 25 down that road. The best part was on the straight away, there was a guy on a Cervelo P3 who thought he was going fast. He probably was going 28 seeing this guy on a $4000 bike suffer made my day as my 6 year old $800 bike cruised by at 32mph. Making the turn for the return stretch was like hitting brick wall. Almost immediately my legs were tight and started to cramp. I downed most of both of my bottles steadily and did a few stretches while riding. Gradually I got up to 20 but that didn’t last. It was difficult to maintain anything steady, kept dropping from 19 to 14 and bouncing around. But I was able to pick off a good deal of people as they struggled in the wind.
Not once did anyone ride by me. Which was cool, but that also meant there was no one to ride with. If there had been someone to draft with, we could have made some serious time. Overall I end up with a time of 49:23 good enough for 14th place.
I made a big mistake of not resetting my computer before heading out. Throughout the course I couldn’t check my average, or see what my time was. It really limited me in pushing myself to maintain an average. I was really shooting to stay above 21 mph, but guess I’ll have to settle for 20.65mph till the next race.

Finished up in 2:19:20 having a crusty run time really hurt me. I really think with a good run time, I can easily knock off 10 minutes next year.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recently stumbled across this image. Naturally I had to find out the artist and now I can't get enough....

Check out Wil Freeborn.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Memorial Weekend

What a great time. Started off Friday, going into work early, working 6:30- 3. Around lunch time it was time for the lunch buddy picnic. Got to head down to Heywood, eat pizza with the kids, play some games, and make ice cream sundaes. Also I was able to visit Mrs. Beanes room and say hello to her students.

By the time 3 o'clock rolled around it was out the door. Packed in a jiffy, loaded the bike on the car, plus all the life jackets and paddles in the back and was off. (Loaded the boats the night before.) As soon as we arrived Nate and I were off on our bikes. Circling around the lake we soon found the wind, on some of the backroads. Also on a few of the bigger roads. It was a great ride. Once again , the aero bars were awesome and allowed for some grear positioning while riding with the wind. Seat height adjustments had to be made a few times but I think I got it now.

Dinner that night was Al's Place. It was definately an event to go eat. We had a particularly hilariously foul mouthed waitress that provided a real spark to the evening. Oh and the food was excellent, great BBQ. Topped off the dinner with Dairy King. I got the a Resse Storm 66(equivalent to a Blizzard.) By far one of the best blizzards I've ever gotten. It was thoughly mixed all the way to the bottom, and the top stuck above the rim by at least 2 inches, also it had been sprinkled with extra toppings, making it Great.

Sat out by the fire for awhile, talked of past times and travels, and watched the Cav's pull off the win with LeBrons buzzer beater. Little after midnight Dan, Steve, and I headed out looking for some snacks. Ended up getting pulled over in Fort Loramie. 3 guys cruising around seemed like trouble.

The Conversation went a bit like this:
"Do you know you were going 25 in a 35?"
"Yes," Dan replied.
"You guys aren't from around here are you?"
" Well I do own a cottage over on the lake." Steve said
"What are you guys doing out driving around?"
Dan stated, "We are looking for some chocolate."
"...Uh, you know you have a headlight out."
"Yes.""Well I called this in so let me go back to the car... The only spot open will be the Gas America in Minister. You boys have a good night."

About 3 a.m. I ended up falling up on the back deck of the pontoon boat. It was suprising to be awakened at by boats and birds at 6:15. Feeling quite refreshed, I was on the water by 6:45. Jordan and I paddled out into the sunrise and down the length of the lake. Watching the sunrise over the water great, there were so many herons flying off over the water as we passed. The whole experince made me wish I had not forgotten the pelican case for the camera. We found a sweet little tunnel(/drainage pipe) connecting two lagoons, of which we were able to squeeze through and reconnect on the other side of the island.

Knocking out the whole lake before breakfast worked up a great appetite for some oatmeal pancakes, sausage, bacon and eggs. Later on we headed out on the pontoon for a cruise of the lake and some swimming. Watched a few movies, and then that afternoonI tried a few rolls in my kayak with Jared helping out. Definately alot different in that long sucker than in a little boat. Jordan, Jared, and I then took what was meant to be a brief trip out to explore. We were told where we were staying was on an island, so why not go around it, right? As we found out it is not so simple, and the island theory is pretty much nonexistant. Ended up way out in the middle of a farmers field, in a bunch of great run off. It got really narrow and shallow, so much so we had to back out. Eventually we backed out and retraced our paddles. Along the way, we explored every small creek we could. Even slipping our boats under some barbed wire at one point to see if it connected... In the end we found nothing but dead ends, muck, snakes, and mosquito invested waters.

Getting back and loading the boats up, we ordered Bud's. Got some great wings, and pizza to eat back at the cottage. Then we topped off the night with some Dairy King before the drive home.

Friday, May 1, 2009


This evening I went out on the best ride of the season, thus far. The wind was quite intense, but made for a great ride. Going out the cross wind was insane, felt like I was riding at angle to avoid being blown over by the gusts. From P. Hill we hit the hill on 48, it was a bit more than a pleasant hill to ride up, but I loved every second of it, a great one to push through. From here it was with the wind up to Falkner Rd. Turning down Owens Rd it was into the wind, but fairly sheltered. The river was way up down at Sugar Grove, looked like it would be a blast to kayak down…Heading back to town I dropped down onto the aero bars for awhile. It was an amazing feeling, absolutely loved cutting the wind, although I did have to ride a bit farther out in the road to feel a sense of control down low.

Later last night I completely took my garage sale schwinn apart, stripped it down to the frame. On the rear wheel I took the gears off, then was able to put two back on because the first one screws on to hold them on. Next was the bottom bracket. Repacked the bearings, and then put the crank back on. The headset and forks went back on fairly easily after some cleaning and re-greasing. On the front we left only the big gear, so I’m running a 52x17, a pretty wicked set up. The stem, handlebars, and brakes went on with ease. The only problem I’m having is adjusting the seat. The seat tube is stuck and will not budge. I’ve used every thing I can think of, from PB Blaster, to nut and bolt penetraters, vise grips, pipe wrenches, put in the vice, beat it with hammers, pried the metal near the top with a screw driver….

If you got any ideas on how to loosen up that seat post send them my way please.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hong Kong

Today is one month since I boarded a plane and departed this continent for a 15+ hour flight to Asia. More specifically to Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China. Why? you might ask. Well the answer is pretty simple, I went to visit my sister while she is studying abroad. The whole getting to see Hong Kong part of the adventure was bonus.

Where is Hong Kong?It is the the red dot balloon arrow on the map.

I have been a slack-butt about getting these photos and some journals entries posted, but I will try and do one a day for this week, in correlation with the days I was there...April 21st on March 21st etc.And I will back date them as well so you might have to scroll through a few posts to find them.


So 10 Tricks about YouTube... an interesting read. I may have to try a few, right about now...

Ok, so here is a sweet video of some insane street/ trials riding.
And the song is pretty sweet as well. Happens to be Band of Horses, a band I was recently introduced.